These lovely caves are placed in an unique and privileged spot: at the top of a valley. The zone is quiet and solitary, which does you breathe peace, a luxury for your senses.
The internal temperature is kept stable all the year, producing and agreeable sensation of well-being. We can enjoy the view of Sierra Nevada, from inside, they are spectacular; the mix between all the elements makes you feel a special fascination for this enviroment, which you can’t forget with easyly. There is no doubt that it is the ideal habitat to spend a few days of authentic relax, in a completely rural spot.
After being 60 years abandoned and after having been a refuge of sheep’s’ herds, they have been restored preserving its original walls, white, punctured by hand, hollow roofs in which long ago there was a manger and the complete integration of its front with the exterior landscape. These bioclimatic housings are respectful with the environment and are fed by solar-wind energy and have all the comforts of a house: light, fuelwood heating, bath, kitchen, refrigerator, TV, terrace-sightseeing with table and chairs, private parking, barbecue, etc.
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